Victoria Residence Athens

Short and Long term rent in Athens, Greece

Make your booking online

Victoria Residence is proud to announce that we are one of the few property companies where you can actually make your booking online. Why wait before coming to Athens and find out that you can not get a room or apartment in time. Don't worry, we have the solution.

Click on the button down and you will be re-directed to our booking page. Here you can insert your starting date and your end date, and you will see real time what rooms or apartments are available for those dates. Click on the room or apartment that you would like to have, insert your personal details and pay online, it's that simple.

You will receive a email with the confirmation within 5 minutes. After this email we will contact you as soon as possible for the details.

Please notice that we only accept bookings per month. If you are already in Athens, just come and visit us in our office and we will gladly show you around and answer all your questions.

In case you are interested in renting for a period more then 1 month, please contact us by phone or email first.